Gallup: Women Arming At Record Pace

Gallup polling shows 43% of women report household gun ownership, up from 33% in 2009.  A full 23% of women personally own firearms.

Of  note, 47% of adults say they have a gun up from 41% a year ago.  Those that say they are Republican are the  largest majority of gun owners, but 40% of Democrats say they own guns, up from 30% a year ago.

There may be as many as 450 million guns in private hands in the USA.

States that allow Conceal and Carry gun permits have the lowest rates of car-jacking, muggings, and violence against women.  Yet many left-wingers want the 2nd amendment ignored.

Spartanburg Co, SC Sheriff Chuck Wright, angry a repeat offender tried to rape a local women in a park last night, "Our form of justice is not making it, I'm really aggravated...carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it.". 

Notice the maniac that mowed people down on the Venice boardwalk used a car to kill people.  Imagine if a woman were standing near with a conceal and carry weapon - he would have been stopped sooner.

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