Mosquitoes Like Beer Drinkers Most

Live in the middle of mosquito country?  Do you keep gallons of DEET in the garage next to two dozen $19.99 zapper gadgets that don't work?

Smithsonian Magazine says 20% or 1 in 5 are sought out rather than just becoming targets of opportunity.

Factors such as a single 12-ounce bottle of beer set you up for blood donation. Other factors include blood type, metabolism and pregnancy status.

Blood Type O has twice the meal appeal as Type A. And carbon dioxide gas pulls them in from 164 feet away.  Who makes more CO2?  Big people especially obese sweat hogs.

The flying vampires even go after those dressed in black, dark blue and red clothing.

So how to avoid the big bite?  Be under 5 feet tall, wear white, drink whiskey, pick Type A blood, and breath Helium instead of Oxygen so you don't make CO2.

The patch that makes you invisible to mosquitoes.