IRS Nails Queen Of Tax Fraud In Florida

Rashia Wilson taunted the IRS for two years on social media daring the agency to catch her.

Rashia had scammed $20 million from the IRS using stolen Social Security numbers to file bogus returns to get refunds, mainly based on low-income-tax credits.

Here is Rashia on Facebook: 'I'm Rashia, the queen of IRS tax fraud, I'm a millionaire for the record, so if U think indicting me will B easy it won't...I run Tampa right now.'

Rashia's bragging and reckless behavior is due to her inferior feelings growing up. Her mom was addicted to cocaine and her 'dad' was in prison - you know, a poor black family and a bi-polar mess growing inside her head.

So Raishia's little crime spree was inevitable. The arrogant toad was able to take advantage of a system that almost begs to be taken advantage of but didn't require her to taunt authorities to come arrest her..

Raisha plead guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft and admitted to stealing more than $3 million but the final number is 7 times that. Oh yea, Raisha got 21 years and permanent foster homes for her three kids.   In twenty years kids that will no doubt be jailed for crimes of their own.

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