Reid Admits Obamacare Is Bankrupt

The fat lady is belting out her song on Obamacare even before the ink is dry - and it's scaring the horses.

At least it took the Democrats 30 years to turn Social Security into a bankrupt nightmare.

Admitting Obamacare is in the weeds Harry Reid suggested adding to Obama's pile of debt to prop up the going-down-in-flames mess.   Recall Reid, Pelosi and Obama swore on a stack of bibles the plan would actually REDUCE health care costs?

Is this the biggest laugh since the Democrats shoved the 2000 page tumor down everyone's throat?  Remember the refrain?  They just had to pass it first so the rest of us could see what's in we all see what's in it and as feared by those of us that knew better it stinks like a week old chunk of roadkill on a hot Texas road.

All this after Obama stole $500 billion from Medicare and characterizes the tax hikes in Obamacare as just a little bump in the road?

Oh by the way, Reid is trying to get Boehner to work a backroom deal now to exempt the Senate and the House from Obamacare entirely.  Reid, Obama and Pelosi made a big shit sandwich and now all three want YOU to serve it to your family.

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