Radical Feminism Rejected By Young Women

Betty Friedan is credited as the 'mustached mother' of modern feminsim.  Her 1963 book the Feminine Mystique coined the phrase "women's liberation."

Friedan later became first president of NOW - National Organization For Women.

Friedan's ideas were co-opted and disintegrated by ferocious, man-hating jack-booted lesbians and grudge carrying rage-filled frump-femmes in subsequent decades.

NOW became a fascist hive of hypocrisy and left-wing extremists. And feminism appropriately got a bad name.

By the early 1980's this brand of feminism had perverted the idea of equality for women.  Christina Hoff Sommer's jeremiad Who Stole Feminism birthed the in-eloquent term 'gender feminism.'  Sommers  tries to concoct the twisted idea that all gender distinction be obliterated in favor of an animus androgynous amorphous society. 

Freidan's ideas are back and Sommers is being tossed into the dumpster.

New polling reveals less than one in ten women aged 25 to 29 identified with 'feminism', compared with a quarter of those aged 45 to 50. One in six said feminism had gone too far, ‘losing sight of the natural roles of men and women’. Instead of fighting for equality, two in five now want to ‘celebrate difference’ instead.

Bravo!  We males have been waiting for the fever to pass.  Equal female and male - not equal fe-men.  The French, though muddled in castrated males today, once coined it best - Vive La DiffĂ©rence!