Guy Crushes Neighborhood With Bulldozer

Barry Alan Swegle was booked into county jail near Seattle, WA for malicious mischief.

Swegle and his neighbors didn't much like each other, so Barry decided to up the stakes. Barry mounted an IH TD-25 (same size as a Cat D9) and aimed the giant machine at his neighbor's houses and parked cars.

Within minutes power lines, four houses, and a couple of trucks were gone - squashed like stepping on a trail of ants.

As Barry plowed into houses and people inside jumped out windows and doors scrambling for their lives the big tractor started to run out of gas.  But not before one house was knocked off it's foundation - a total loss.

“It was like a war zone,” a former cop living in the neighborhood said.  "When I'm yelling, 'What are you doing?' He looked right at me. He was just - he was blanked face. That was it. he didn't care," said neighbor Bobee Ward.

The big machine stopped in the middle of a field.  Swegle sat stagnant in the seat, comatose, catatonic.  The deed was done.  Whatever the beef was between Barry and his neighbors the relationships are ravaged.  When Bulldozer Barry gets out of jail he probably won't be mowing his lawn in broad daylight again.

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