Free 3-D Printed Handgun Defies Feds

Update 3-9-2013: In desperate violation of free speech the DOJ  pulled the design from the web!

Update 3-12-2013: The 3-D gun reappears online and free for download.

The dream of 25-year-old law student Cody Wilson is reality at last.  Cody is founder of the not for profit Defense Distributed enterprise which recently was granted a federal firearms license.

Cody created the world's first complete 3-D printed handgun called the 'Liberator.'  Cody's website  has the 3-D CAD files needed to print the gun - pro bono publicus.

Cody's motive is to prove 3-D printers can be used by anyone, including criminals, to totally circumvent gun laws.  The gun is made of ABS, or plastic and can easily defeat metal detectors.  The firing pin is metal of course, but can be removed and hidden in an asbestos cover along with ammo.  Oh yea, the design includes barrel sizes to match all handgun caliber ammo.

Naturally the 3-D printer manufacturers are panicked, and so are peripheral service providers in the business of providing platforms for downloading CAD files for the devices. .

Cody is proving no matter what goofy laws or lame effort gun-grabbers dream up to keep guns out of the hands of either law abiding citizen or criminals, guns will always exist and be easily accessible. Any 3-D printer can make fully functioning handguns and even fully automatic rifles.  And there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it.

The answer has always been and will remain Se Defendendo.

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