Burger King Armed Robber Shot By Customer

Florida has long been strong on conceal and carry rights.  And as a result the state remains one of the most crime-free places to call home.  All this despite the influx of more than Florida's share of illegals and black felons roaming around.

In Miami yesterday once again we see a couple of thuggish blacks busting into a Burger King in broad daylight yelling and pointing guns at people.  Most sat staring, scared, sheep-like.

After making off with a fair amount of cash and jewelry the pair rushed for the door and their engine-left-running F150 Ford PU.  Fearing for his family one guy with his own legal gun jumped up and chased after the pair.  He managed to get off a shot wounding one in the leg.

Police followed the blood trail to 36-year-old Travis Harris and the driver of the truck, 38-year-old Ramon Smalls, to a gas station nearby. Once the pair were apprehended a quick check linked them to another robbery of a defenseless woman earlier in the same day .

Both Harris and Smalls were booked on three counts of armed robbery.  Harris sadly at taxpayer expense, is getting medical treatment for a bullet wound to the calf.

See how it works gun control idiots?

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