Teen Carjacks Porsche 911 Can't Drive Stick

Carjacking black teen Anthony Reynolds is an imbecile.  But then, aren't they all?

The little shit was rolling around Newark, NJ with a pal in a stolen BMW when they noticed a new Porsche 911 turbo in front of them.  Tony jumped from the passenger side and stuck a .38 caliber revolver in the owners ear demanding the car.  The owner complied quickly.

Reynolds hopped in just as his pal in the hijacked BMW drove off in great haste.  That's when the fun started.  Turns out Tony never learned to drive a stick shift.  No self respecting Porsche 911 owner would even consider getting one with an automatic.  Remember, it's a $170,000 Porsche 911 folks.

Reynolds panicked and began squirming, pounding, pulling, pushing, grinding, and crying but no dice.  The car was going nowhere.  While Reynolds was grinding gears the owner found a cop.  Tony took off on foot but got his ass nailed quickly by the fleet footed patrolman. 

Tony the twit faced 15 years and $250,000 based on joint charges of theft of a motor vehicle by force, violence and intimidation.  But the Feds settled for a money saving 55-month jail sentence plea bargain.  

While Tony is getting stick shift training in prison, the owner better arm himself with something more than just a manual transmission riding around in a Porsche in Newark.

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