Ugly Men Paid Less

Life  isn't fair and the trouble starts the second you super slide out the birth canal.

If you are male and your face looks like the business end of an elephants ass you should stick to day labor jobs, or start your own business.  Because ugly men no matter how well qualified get 26% less pay for the same work as guys that share a square jaw with Tom Selleck.

Ugly guys are also likely jobless 20% more than the destiny-favored daper dudes.  And we all already know the humiliation ugly guys face with women.

Dr Andrew Leigh, formerly with the Australian National University noted, 'Some people still believe that good looks and intelligence are incompatible in women so a good-looking woman can't be that productive...there's no dumb-blonde syndrome affecting men's pay.'

Dazzling damsels are deemed dim-witted and thus less productive?  So what's the answer?

The gene lottery seems to favor handsome men and ugly women.  Which explains why Meg Whitman is head of HP and lithping Barbara Walters slept her way to the top.  But what about ugly men that became good looking women, or ugly women that became macho males via sex change surgery.  The mind meanders.

The Angle is still trying to figure out how Lyle Lovett managed to pin-down Julia Roberts.  The ugly man syndrome seems to have an escape clause.

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