Google Glasses Lie Detector Dongle

Oh man get ready.  The entire art of human interaction is about to get pimped.

MIT is perfecting technology that sees a lie. The video filter shows color, motion, and breathing changes none of which can be controlled or stopped despite a person lying their ass off. 

The Eulerian Video Magnification technology was first made to monitor the breathing of premature babies.

The technology will quickly find a home on everyone's face and turn even the meek into steely, staring, sinister sleuths.

Cops will use it to arrest the guilty for a change. Car buyers will use it to defend against predatory salesman. Wives will use it to keep the penis from wandering. Live poker will be made obsolete because bluffing will be impossible. Even Obama's useful idiot voters will be able to see through the transparent First Liar, finally.

Snap the sneaky bugger onto a pair of Google Glasses and snag yourself a sleazebag people.