Prison Guard Pregnant With Cop Killers Kid

Nancy Gonzalez, 29, a federal Bureau of Prisons officer was arrested this morning at her home in Huntington, NY.  Ms Gonzalez says she is 8-month pregnant.

The federal prison guard was playing hide-the-salami with Ronell Wilson, a ferocious cop killer convicted of an execution-style point-blank assassination of two undercover NYPD detectives.

Nancy told friends she 'just wanted to be loved' and picked the scumbag, left, to find it. Gonzalez told her friends 'she felt like, well, why not give him a child - as far as giving him some hope...'  Sort-of-like her own personal vaginal federal rehabilitation program.

Well it turns out this wasn't Nancy's first tour around the cell block.  The confused matron was using the prison like a giant box of  penis chocolates. So now she is facing 15 years herself.

Heck, Ronell is feel'n good.  After slaughtering two cops why is Ronell's weenie still loaded?

Ronell Wilson Sentenced To Lethal Injection 2nd Time