California Dream A Nightmare

People are leaving California for Texas, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. And Moonbeam Jerry Brown is pissed-off about it.

The Democrats have raised taxes to record levels and deny they are pushing people out.

California's municipal bond rating is junk status - costing the state millions in higher borrowing rates.

The largest income producing sector in California are the ports.  The Chinese Panama Railway and the widening of the canal will soon bypass the state. Chinese goods will then unload in Texas, Florida and the East Coast of the US.

The state is even trying to destroy its nuclear plants which make 35% of the states power.  California already imports water, electricity, and refined gasoline products skyrocketing costs.

The weather is the only thing California has left and they even want to squander that. May the last left-wing Democrat shut the lights as the door hits them in the ass on their way to Texas.

CA Taxes The Internet
CA  Business Flee State