iPad Toilet Roll Stand Makes Debut

Apple is in trouble.  Without Steve Jobs the company has no idea man.   Remember, Apple nearly died when John Scully fired Jobs the first time.  And now that Steve is gone for good the company has no chance.

After a month of steep decline in share price Apple announced a feeble new product instead of an industry shattering counterpoint to Google and Samsung's onslaught technologies.  A wristwatch!

The toilet seems to be the primary office chair when using the iPad so a few vendors have scammed up oddities to handle the duty.  The Angle reported on the kiddie potty with iPad mount.

Today the iPad Pedestal Stand arrives.  Company CT Digital wants to get in on your bowel movements by providing a place to mount your iPad when taking those extended-stay dumps.  The pitch?  How about '...add luxury and convenience to your home or bathroom d├ęcor.'

Cool.  Got the toilet paper now just gotta get an iPad and a pair of knee-pads.