Warning: Lead In Lipstick Leads To Looneyville

Lipstick contains lead. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) said 12 of the lipstick products sampled tested positive for lead.

Lead gets into lipstick inadvertently from color additives. The additives are mineral-based containing trace levels of lead found naturally in soil and water.

Lipstick makers are getting defensive instead of fixing the problem.

Dr Halyna Breslawec from the Personal Care Products Council said, 'If you were serious about the public health aspects of lead poisoning you would not be looking at lipstick.'

Halyna wants to shield libstick makers using kids and lead paint chips and ignore the danger to grown women the Angle guesses.

Women who wear makeup and lipstick should be pissed. Said women are sticking lead on their lips and draining grey matter out their ears as a result.  Stop now or risk lowering your IQ to that of a ball of lint on a worn carpet.