Fed Up With The Fiscal Cliff Yet?

If you are a liberal Democrat you think you won last November.  If you are a conservative Republican you think you lost last November.

The truth is simpler.  We all lost.

Obama back in office ensures a continuation of one economic and social disaster after another and a widening split among the populace.

Once it was mysterious why Obama seemed so incompetent.  And now we know.  He is not incompetent.  He is worse.  He is intentionally destructive.

Obama prods political points while DC burns.  Sad to think at least half the country can't tell the difference.

If you were or are an Obama supporter and still drink the poisoned koolaide from the Democrats vat of foul smelling brew you will be fine with the false crises games being played.

If you are not an empty headed liberal goon you will be anxious and angry as you watch Obama succeed in his little game of power and pain.

And if you are a 100 year-old Hmong grannie hanging out in Vietnam you can still share a laugh in a haze of cigar smoke and and wrinkled memories.  War, famine, disease, poverty and Obama mean nothing in the longer run.  Right?

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