Homeless Guy Crushed In A Dumpster

People joke about the homeless jumping into dumpsters scavanging food scraps and looking for a warm place to dumpster-down.  But the dangers inherent in screwing around in the garbage bins are real.

Hapless and homeless, 41-year-old Chad Adams was snoozing in one such dumpster when a compactor arrived to pick it up.

The truck lifted the dumpster and started to compact the garbage.  That's when Adams woke up and started to scream.

Quickly pulled from the refuse, Adams went into cardiac arrest.  Sadly, Adams died a short time later while having surgery at John Peter Smith Hospital.

The Medical Examiner said Adams died of crush injuries to his pelvis.

A warning label on the dumpster would not have saved Mr. Adams.   When it's 20f outside the homeless are gonna chance it anyway.  Can you blame them?