MD Exodus Over Obamacare

Get ready, get set, good luck finding a doctor in 2013.

The Doctor Patient Medical Association (DPMA) surveyed 700 MDs nationwide and found a majority will close their practice after Obamacare is in place.

That's the not the bad news.  The really bad news is the USA already faces a 90,000 doctor shortage by 2020. And by 2025 the shortage exceeds 130,000.  Despite the new exodus taking place.

“Doctors clearly understand what Washington does not — that a piece of paper that says you are ‘covered’ by insurance or ‘enrolled’ in Medicare or Medicaid does not translate to actual medical care...” says DPMA cofounder Kathryn Serkes.

Of course the AMA and AAFP are silent - they endorse Obamacare.

C'mon folks is this rocket science? Did anyone expect these guys to bend over and take 50 million new patients at cut-rates? Apparently the Obama voters think so - but then they aren't  thinking, are they...

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