Donkey Abuser Hides Behind 14th Amendment

Did you know abortion, gay marriage, pot smoking, even the massive debt Obama, Pelosi and Reid are piling up are all being based on the 14th amendment to the US Constitution?

Now a Hispanic man is trying to justify an act of bestiality based on the 14th amendment!  

Carlos R. Romero, 32, of Ocala is accused of having sex with a two-year-old miniature donkey named Doodle.  Florida state law forbids bestiality.

Carlos is defending himself by claiming bestiality laws are a violation of his constitutional rights.  Specifically Carlos and his lawyer say the 14th amendment is a violation of 'due process' that is alleged to allow Carlos to dip into the donkey pool.

Carlos told police he was overcome watching the Donkey's mate.  The errant caretaker admitted he, 'may have come in contact with the donkey' by accident and left his DNA - also 'by accident.'  Digging deeper Carlos lashed out at Florida whining,  'backwards' state and 'people frown on Zoophilia here.'

Carlos out on a $2,000 bond is demanding he be reunited with Doodle.  The country will be waiting to see if the court agrees with Carlos, you know, based on the 14th amendment and stuff.