Starbucks Store Inside A Funeral Home

How far is too far in the land of coffee beans?

Starbucks drinks a lot of their own product apparently.  How else could a strategy to stick a coffee shop inside a funeral home get brewed up?

Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, South Carolina, installed 'Starbucks Coffee Corner' next to the line of caskets and a small chapel. Owner Chris Robinson says the funeral business grew from his grandfathers corner general store where people sat and drank coffee back in the day. So bringing coffee back is just business.

Chris says the Starbucks is the first in town and will also be open to the general public, not just to funeral goers. Oh, well that's okay then.

The Angle has to ask the obvious of course. If Starbuck's can make it inside a funeral home, then what place on the planet is safe from the java jockeys? And in the end what's to stop a full blown Burger King from seizing the corner of a city morgue?

After all, the dead guys don'tcare what the living are eating - loading up on lattes and double cheese burgers in a black suit seems suddenly possible!

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