Women Reject Men Rejected By Pets

Okay.  You're all in.  You spent a solid year looking not in bars, not online, not even going to weddings uninvited.  After years of misfires and self-pity you found her and you know she's the one.

She meets you for drinks and a couple of dinners out.  You're taking it slow  Being careful, respectful, even thankfull.

The day arrives.  She likes you, you like her, she invites you in for coffee.  Then it happens.  You didn't see it coming and you didn't even know it was a possibility.

You ring the bell, you hear the barking, and her footsteps approaching.  The door opens.  There staring, sneering, and lifting it's leg on your $500 Florsheim is a large yellow lab.  Somehow you get your foot out of the way just as the stream starts, but part of it hits your Anderson & Sheppard pant-leg anyway.

But that's not the ugly part.  The dog never gave you a chance.  And neither will she now.

NOAH (National Organization of Animal Health) did a study.   A quarter of women will dump any man based on how her pet reacts to the suitor – and a third would leave their own bed and sleep on the floor next to their pet if it was ill.  Worse?  Forty-percent of the nearly two-thousand women studied said they would sacrifice their own life to save their pet.

In short, men can't compete with women and their pets.  If you guys want to get into her ballpark you have to please the pooch first.  If you don't , save your time and money.  And kiss the dog before going much further.

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