Naked 400lb Woman Arrested On Bus Bench

Is it a crime to be morbidly obese sitting naked on a bus bench?  Yep.

Patricia McCollum, 52, was charged with exposure of sexual organs in public and was held on $100 bond. McCollum has a long record list of petty offenses, being naked in public among them.

McCollum is a homeless Ft Lauderdale woman. She claims she was just trying to change her clothes. "That's why I was changing my clothes on the bus bench. I don't have anywhere else to stay but bus benches," McCollum said testified in court.

Patty apparently uses a walker, collects social security and doesn't seem to be aware that a 400-pound naked women is a pretty easy thing to spot. Agreed, she is a sad case, but let's face it these bus benches are not bathroom stalls.

Really no homeless person should be stripping in public, but give it some thought, they are IN public, where else are they gonna do it? Florida is welding bathroom doors shut.  Is this a mean game the state wants to play with it's homeless now?

We hope not.

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