Rapist 'Ha, Ha, I just infected you with HIV'

Philadelphia's Mayor offered $10,000 to anyone helping to find a thin, black man about 20+ years old standing 5 feet, 9 inches tall. The surveillance image left is thought to be the suspect. So far, no takers.

What'd he do?

The prick jumped his victim from behind, pushed her into an alley, beat her unconscious and then repeatedly raped her for several hours. 'The 24-year-old victim sustained 'severe head and facial injuries to the point of almost being unrecognizable,' Philadelphia Police reported.

After tiring of the rape, the animal bent over the battered and bloodied female and whispered with a chuckle 'I just infected you with HIV'.

 Results of her HIV test have not been released.

Satan has reserved the deepest level and darkest corner on the hottest rocks in hell for this guy. Come forward ye anti-death penalty weenies, let's see you rationalize why this puke should not be pumped full of chlorine gas.

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