Men Repulsed By Women With Tattoos

The top turn-off for men are tattoos - not on themselves, on the ladies.  A full 80% of males said a tattoo, especially a 'tramp-stamp' signals slut to their sensisbilities.

Women though are fine with body art on boys.  Women dislike beards, stubbly or full flowing - facial hair-follicles freaks the females fondness factor.

Second on both gender lists is bad breath.

As a guy, if you want to ensure a life of solitary singleness let that face hair out a bit, have a little food dangling on the longer hairs.  And savor last nites pizza, beer and bong on your breath before hitting the clubs.

The ladies are allowed a few piercings, but they don't get to put a ring thru a nipple or any lip in any opening anywhere visible or otherwise.

So, if a girl wants to spends nights home watching chic-flicks couch-potatoeing with other rejects inside an apartment full of renegade cats running roughshod over the bean-bag chairs all she need do is tattoo her last boyfriends name on her face.  And forget to floss the sardine pate from between those cigarette stained canines.

Not to worry though.   Tattoos can be removed.  And bad breath beaten.   The bigger risk is being born at the bottom of a gene-pool filled with mutant in-breeders who produce Rasputin doubles and women who look too much like Helen Thomas even on a good day.

In those cases not even clear skin and meticulous oral hygiene are gonna improve your chances much.  So you may as well indulge yourself and load up on ink and root canals - life is short and ya gotta have SOME fun before you check in the equipment.

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