Forced To Choose: Men Want Jobs Over Sex

What?  No way. Has hell frozen over?

An online survey of single and married men between 21 and 50 revealed 50% would trade sex over a regular job if the choice had to be made.

'For many losing their jobs may equate to losing a roof over their children’s heads so I guess many parents would be prepared to do whatever it takes to stop that from happening – even if that means living without a sexual relationship' the survey guessed.

Hang on there's more, 'But single guys or those who haven’t yet had children are more likely to think of their job as a disposable commodity, something they can replace easily. These guys would prefer to dump their job than have to face anything as depressing as impotence.'

So the takeaway appears not distant from what we might assume. Married guys with kids have family as a priority and single guys are still leading penis-centric lives.

In France and Japan males are taking a beating. Role reversal has caused males in those two countries to shrink from the 'old' mode of being aggressor and provider.  Women castrated the males so now they play alone. C'est la vie.

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