Granny Dearest Blows $98K College Fund

Whose the nastiest grannie of them all?.   Lets take a look at one elderly trustee wiping out a lifetime of savings from her grandson's college fund.

Meet 73-year-old Edna Sue Pate, left. She lost the college trust fund in Indiana casinos pulling one-armed bandits and loading up on hot toddies.

Edna got charged in Indiana but isn't being brought back from Louisiana where she's hiding out because local law enforcement doesn't want to front the money to extradite the compulsive septuagenarian.

The court records say 30 withdrawals from that account were made from ATMs at two casinos in Indiana. Records from one of the casinos, Majestic Star II in Gary, show Pate lost more than $93,000 during that time period.

The Angle wonders who entrusted that kind of cash to an old cow with a casino compulsion.

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