Remembering Hillary Flubbing G20 Photo

Hillary 'the hun' Clinton was a pretty lousy first lady.  Hillary was the only FLOTUS in history that needed a legal defense team to fend off personal corruption charges. Did anyone actually believe she didn't know Bill was a narcissistic skirt-chasing numbskull?

Instead of sitting in jail, Hillary was the saber-rattling, squeeze-playing, Benghazi fuck-up Secretary Of State.

Hillary's lime green shirt in the middle of a sea of white-shirted foreign ministers during a G20 'family photo' in Los Cabos, Mexico was a hoot. The meeting was intended to create stronger ties with other nations. Instead, Clinton's wardrobe choice trumped diplomacy.

Even if she didn't want to wear the required white for the day, how did she come up with putrid lime green?  Yikes.

The divine Miss Rose Law Firm is no stranger to the big 'stick out.'  She shocked on a state visit to Barbados in June 2010 wearing a gaudy bright orange trouser suit while glad-handing the country's vice president.

And it's no secret Hillary was pretty mouthy both as FLOTUS and as a failed Secretay Of State. Well, she is out now - or is she just laying low for another failed try at the presidency.

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