Dangling Trailer Hitch Testicles Get Ticket

In the middle of an Obama second term isn't it more fun to read about a guy in South Carolina pulled over for having a softball sized replica of a pair of human testicles dangling from his rear bumper?

The story is a simple one.  A Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputy observed a Lincoln pickup truck whizz by with a pair of 'Truck Nutz'  looming large, and dangling prominently below the hitch on the rear bumper.   Specifically, the deputy noted in a report, the object was a pair of testicles that were “flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public.”

The cop explained to the driver, Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez that is was  'his balls' got his attention.

Cervantes-Rodriguez explained he had come from Mexico a few months ealier traveling through Texas and Georgia. The driver had a vehicle registration and proof of insurance, but not a valid and current driver’s license.  So he was arrested.

After spending the night in jail, Cervantes-Rodriguez got out on $237 bail. A “warning citation” was also issued for displaying the 'accoutrement'.

The lesson isn't hard to guess.  Never.  Ever.  Not ever.  Drive around with a large replica of genitalia hanging from any part of your truck.  Place the replicas INSIDE and make sure your documentation is current.

Next watch La Raza or the ACLU bring a suit against the cops for 'testicle' profiling.  If you want or need a pair of these find them at  www.yournutz.com.  Good luck!