The Woman Who Lied About 911

Pseudologia fantastica is the technical term for a pathological liar.  And when a such a person seizes the sympathy of a nation mourning over a national tragedy like 911, well, now you have the perfect storm of both evil, and cruelty.

Meet Alicia Esteve Head, aka Tania Head the most despicable character to emerge from the 911 disaster other than the Muslim terrorists that planned and carried out the murders.

Ms. Head claimed to have been one of the 19 who survived the inferno. Head weaved a complex set of visual gore, harrowing escape, and even a phantom husband. And to add dimension to her demented ruse, she tortured a real survivor who had become a close friend. In short, Head is not only a pathological liar, but a cruel masochist to boot.

By 2007 the New York Times and others were closing in on Head. So she preempted being exposed by exposing herself that year. Now there is a book detailing the trail of pain caused by this hunk of homely - Tania Head.  The Woman Who Wasn't There is on Amazon for under $20 bucks.

Sadly, Ms. Head escapes any real punishment for her charade.  All we can do is despise this worthless chunk of loathsome, low-life, reprehensible, slimy, sordid, shameful, contemptible, ignominious, insignificant, vile, wretched, detestable, no-good numbskull and relish her obscurity.

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