Asians Fastest Growing Race Group In USA

Immigration myth says Hispanics are the fastest growing race group in the US.

Not so.

While Euro-whites and Afro-blacks continue to decline in numbers, largely due to abortion, Asians are pouring into the country at a record pace.

The 2010 Census shows Asians grew by 44% since the last census.

Today, 15 million or 5% are Asian in the US, 4 million of which are Chinese. States with the fastest rate of Asian growth were Nevada (116%), Arizona (95%) and North Carolina (85%). Hawaii's population majority are Asian. New York has most by number, 1.1 million, followed by Los Angeles (484,000) and San Jose, California (327,000).

'There is a constant need for highly skilled workers here, and you have excellent universities with high-tech concentrations in India and China that feed that,' said David Lee, of the US Census. 

Once excluded from immigrating under the 1882 and 1917 Exclusion Acts Asians are not wasting time bemoaning past wrongs. Asians are anxious to move to the USA and learn English. Asians are motivated to become educated, and to get high-paying jobs both of which require English proficiency.

So while blacks unlearn English and replace with Ebonics, and Hispanics get bi-lingual classes that enable them from having to learn English, Asians are just gonna get the job done. Gee.  Who is smarter?