American Patriotism Is The New Racism

The race card is tired, trite, even malicious. Obama defeated the Clinton's using it.

Ironic given Bill called himself the 'first black president'. Sure Bill is white, but remember, pasty white liberal Democrat elites think they are more black than blacks, more Hispanic than Hispanic, more, well you get the idea.

Obama isn't shy about using all the cards in the deck, race, class, abortion, antisemitism, green, and religion. Surprise - now it's 'racist' to be a patriot!

Witness high school kids chanting 'USA USA USA' silenced by school officials as a 'racist' rant.

School officials condemned the students. San Antonio School District spokeswoman Leslie Price stated, “It is surprising and it’s disappointing to hear that anyone would be out there making those kinds of remarks.”

Hey Leslie why not pack up your crap and move to Ciudad Ju├írez?  You may want to learn the language first, Mexico is not too tolerant of 'gringos' remember, you know, because they are so compassionate and evolved.

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