Rachael Maddow On-Air Vagina Explosion

MSNBC's Rachael Maddow has no audience. A random poll in libbie New York City revealed none knew her or her show.

Ms Maddow is a pear-shaped, near-sighted, muff-diving, rabid left-wing snipe.  That's the yawn part.

Rachael sits hyper-erect in her studio chair when subjects abortion, homosexuals, and vaginas arise.

So when GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell backed off a bill that required a “transvaginal ultrasound” prior to an abortion, Rachel made a little wet spot in her jeans.

Maddow dug in over the bill.  Sputtering the words 'vaginal' or 'vagina' 58 times.  The Angle suspects Maddow has a hard-on for 'vaginas.'

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