'Nutty' Uncle's $3.5 Million Comic Books

How many yard sales have made instant millionaires?

No one knows, but when a 'crazy' uncle leaves a ton of rare comic books in an attic it kinda sucks the wind out of chiding crazy uncles. happens,

Michael Rorrer, 31 and little brother Jonathan were 'teasingly' told as kids they might one day inherit their great uncle's collection of 'old' comic books.

That day arrived three decades later.

Mike was shooting the Shinola with a pal at work. He waxed dizzily about the dusty comics citing one as the 1941 issue of Captain America No.2. The work pal skeptic sputtered, yea sure you do, and no doubt you also have Superman's Action Comics No.1.

Mike checked.  Yep, there it was among the other 345 gems!

Just the two mentioned above are worth $325,000 and $450,000, not counting the balance of the in the boxes expected to easily bring a full $3.5 million. Curator's appraising the windfall noted, 'You can see it was a real collection, someone really cared about these and kept them in pristine condition.'

Me thinks Michael and his brother owe great uncle an apology - and maybe an extra set of roses for his grave.