Brooklyn Gangstas Busted On Twitter

Twenty-five accused members of the Wave Gang (Woo) and eighteen accused members of rival Hoodsterz (Hew) have been busted after using Twitter and Facebook to brag about murder.

The cops monitored the social websites for over a year unraveling the lexicon, and eventually identifying nearly four dozen 'perps'.

Gangstas said they were 'going to the beach' when crossing into rivals turf. When a banga was gunned down, they tweeted 'clapped him off the surfboard'. Wave Gang tweeted Hood Starz as 'actors' and shooting them was 'lining them out'.

Charges including murder, assault, reckless endangerment, robbery and weapon possession, with potential sentences ranging from a year to life in prison have been filed.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said, 'we know who you are...we know how you operate...make no mistake about it. We're coming after you next.'

Looks like these guys are gonna have to tone down the 'shop' talk on Twitter and Facebook. Even the cops know how to tweet these days.

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