Farmer Raises Hippo 'like a son' - Gets Eaten Alive

A South African farmer was gouged to death after being viciously attacked and killed by his pet hippopotamus.

Marius Els, 41 described the animal, he named Humphrey, as being 'like a son' to him, raising him from the age of five months.

"There's a relationship between me and Humphrey and that's what some people don't understand. They think you can only have a relationship with dogs, cats and domestic animals. But I have a relationship with the most dangerous animal in Africa.", or so he thought.

Humphrey's dangerous side was revealed in March when he tried to attack two canoeists on the Vaal river. Mr. Els rescued the pair luring Humphrey away with an apple - later saying the animal was just 'hungry'.

Humphrey is six years old and weighs more than a metric ton.

Recall the untimely death of Steve Irwin nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter".  In Sept. 2006, Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray spine while snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

Why do people, even experts, assume invincibility when it comes to wild animals? Well, you reap what you sow...humans are frail as compared to the wild world, the only defense is the human brain, when it isn't used, humans look just like a big snack.