Tea Party Calls Obama A Skunk

The Kansas-based Patriot Freedom Alliance calls Obama a 'skunk'.

The website shows Obama next to a skunk with the caveat: 'The skunk has replaced the eagle as the new symbol for the president. It is half black, it is half white, and almost everything it does, stinks.'

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) Darrell Pope says it's a 'blatant statement of racism'. Hey Darrell the term 'colored' is considered racist and demeaning too.

Recall Ray Nagins referring to New Orleans as the 'chocolate city' - where was the NAACP on that one?  Even better, find NPR, the taxpayer funded bastion of left-wing bias referring to Washington, DC as the 'chocolate city with vanilla suburbs' - NAACP?

Tea Party supporter Chuck Sankey said,  'It just makes a point that we're in trouble and what's happening doesn't smell right. That's what it means to me.'  Chuck was asked about the black/white reference as it relates to Obama's genetics, he said: 'Isn't that the truth? 'What's wrong with the truth?'

With the worst performance in presidential history how does Obama get reelected?  Obama can't run on his record, and he didn't keep the jobless rate below 8%.  Obama frames a false choice between the bad (him) over the more bad (GOP).

Will Obama also play his race card again, or will he just let the NAACP do it for him this time?
Is that a black and white choice?  Great, now the blog has the NAACP upset.

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