The Schizophrenic Fight Over Tax Cuts

Reid wants the voters to think the GOP is 'against Bush tax cuts'. Reid expects voters to be push-overs as he 'plays' the 11th hour deadline.

Democrats trying to paint the GOP as tax hikers is ironic given the Bush Tax Cuts originated with the GOP.

Reid knows that a 60-day extension does nothing to establish stability in the private sector, or help payroll earners in the long run.  Remember, Democrats don't really like tax cuts, they just want to twist the concept to make the GOP appear to be against them.

Will it work? Will voters see thru Reid's party tricks?

Obama is coaching Holder to use the race card to deflect calls for his resignation.  The race card worked for Obama in 2008 against Hillary, so why not spread it around.  Obama exploiting race is a defect in his character.  But then, we knew Obama lacked character.

Obama made a stunning pronouncement on 60-minutes over the weekend - comparing his 'record' to past presidents claiming to be 4th best.  The delusional Obama comes to the fore.

Voters will need to be extra vigilant this time.  One example is to cut thru the noise in the US Labor Dept jobless number. The real jobless rate is over 10% when you account for those leaving the job market.

Obama has a billion bucks, and a failed record.  In the bizzaro world of politics all that means to the unethical is to simply pronounce a bad record a good record, and keep the voters looking 'over there'.

Holder DOJ Blames Critics For Holder Race Card Play