Obama’s Top 10 Violations Of US Constitution

Obama's presidency has been a disaster - the wreckage of a nation, a consistent pattern of defiance for the rule-of-law, and the US Constitution are his legacy.

Obama is not shy using his executive powers. Hundreds of crippling EPA, and DOE regulations have been issued without the consent of congress.

Obama is plainly violating his oath of office by not enforcing the borders, and by selling guns to foreign agents attempting to harm citizens of the USA (Guns For Drug Lords).

Obama's top 10 violations of the US Constitution:
  1. Mandate To Purchase A Product - Obamacare (Commerce Clause)
  2. Medicaid Coercion Of States  (10th amendment)
  3. IPAB - Obamacare Death Panel (Separation of Powers)
  4. Chrysler/GM Bailout Bond Holder Prioty Violation (Takings and Due Process Clauses)
  5. Dodd/Frank Administrative Overreach (Due Process and Separation Of Powers)
  6. Offshore Drilling Ban - Struck Down By Fed Judge, Obama Tried To Override and Withdrew
  7. Political Speech Disclosure For Fed Contractors (First Amendment)
  8. Taxing Political Contribution - IRS (First Amendment)
  9. Graphic Tobacco Warning (First Amendment)
  10. Health Care Waivers - Obamacare (Dispensing Powers Not Granted To The President)
Why sidestep the US Constitution, Congress, and the people?  Simple - to re-form the USA into his vision of utopia. The 2012 election is the most important since Lincoln's election in 1860.
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