IBM Sees Mind Controlled PC's In Five Years

Forget the mouse, the keyboard, even your voice - go directly to the cerebral cortex and do not pass go.

'Mind-reading has been wishful thinking for science fiction fans for decades, but their wish may soon come true,' said an IBM spokesperson. IBM is bringing mind-control to PC's and cell phones where, 'You would just need to think about calling someone, and it happens.'

The current trend is to use the voice or eyes to move the mouse, but lets face it, why keep fooling around with the middle-man. Using thought would revolutionize all of it, passwords, document writing, even graphics - the mind boggles.

Of course, they would require some kind of virtual 'delete-key'.  Men would end up with a lot of porn mixed in with company financial reports, and calls to the boss.

Brain-computer interface will happen, and it will be the 'next big thing' no doubt.