Black Women: Shortage Of Eligible Black Males

Black women face a bleak and blighted landscape given the drought of desireable and eligible black men.

One in ten black males are in jail, and of those not now in jail, one in four will see some jail time before age 25.    Less than 50% of black males graduate from high school.  And far fewer graduate from college.  The employment rate among black males is the highest for any male group - around 30%.

Black women are leaving their male counterparts in the dust.  Each year, nearly twice as many black women as black men graduate from college.  Black women are entering professional ranks while black males are entering jails and street corners.

While black women prefer to find a black mate, black men chose black females half as often.  More than 1 in 5 black men now marry a non-black, white or Hispanic.  And when a black female does manage to find a rare, educated, record-clean black male, the affluent black males most often wander outside the race.

Good luck ladies.

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