Topeka Broke - Stops Domestic Violence Prosecutions

Topeka, Kansas is forced to prioritize spending as their cash intake dwindles.

Shawnee County District Attorney's office announced it could no longer prosecute misdemeanors, including domestic violence cases.  Some 30 domestic violence cases have been dropped since the DA stopped prosecuting the crime on Sept. 8.

Chicago has stopped burying the indigent dead due to budget shortfalls, we assume the corpses are piling up in a morgue somewhere.

General city revenues nationwide are continuing to fall, with a projected -2.3% decrease by the end of 2011. This is the fifth straight year of declines in revenue with probable further declines in 2012.

What gets cut?  Salaries (Jobs), Pensions, Services, Public Safety (Police/Fire), Health Care Benefits, Parks/Libraries,  Roads/Buildings, Poverty Programs...and now the courts.  These things are the result of Obama's failed economic non-recovery, and the statistics are horrific.

Some 50 million people are now below the poverty line, and 48 million are on food aid of some kind.  Wages are in decline, and the number of people without jobs, long and short term has not been higher than since the Great Depression.  None of this is news, but we have to ask, why are the "Occupy" protestors floating around the cities - pointing a finger at the financial markets?  Oh yea, Obama told them to do it.

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