Nepal Putting Port-a-Potties On Mount Everest

After 60 years, 4,000 would be Sir Edmund Hillary's have left tons of garbage, feces, and even corpses on Mt. Everest.  At 28,000 feet all of it's preserved till the sun goes red giant.

The  Eco Everest expedition has collected more than 13 tons of garbage, including 880 pounds of human waste and four bodies since 2008.

Climbers are required to bring everything back, including their poop.  They pay a $4,000 deposit before climbing.

The deposits means nothing to an estimated 200 corpses still lining the trail along with their junk.

So the Nepalese are putting Port-O-Potties and trash bins on the mountain.  But the Angle wants to know whose going back up to empty them...