Fat Tax To Hit 55% Of America

A fat tax is a tax or surcharge that is placed upon fattening foods, beverages or individuals.  Denmark already has the tax, other nations are sure to follow given the obesity epidemic.

Hey Dems how about a 'twinkie tax' in the USA? .

The fat are primarily poor, minority, and uneducated.  Is it fair then, to tax the fat and the dumb?  Well, being stupid has never stopped a Democrat before.

Studies found that a 10% tax on sugar-laden soda led to a 7% reduction in calories from soft drinks, and a 10% tax on pizza led to a 12% reduction in calories from pizza and the saturated fats from cheese.

Michelle Obama is barking up the wrong tree trying to strong arm kids at school.  She needs to get start taking Oprah's fat bucks...

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