Rasumussen: Mood In USA Is “Pre-Revolutionary”

A new Rasmussen poll from first week in August shows that just 17% of Americans believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed, an all time low.  More colonialists were satisfied with King George than people today are with the US government.

Americans’ lack of confidence in their leadership is so crippled that they are now “pre-revolutionary,” says pollster Pat Caddell.  Caddell’s prediction that Americans are near rising up cannot be easily dismissed as partisan rhetoric.  Caddell worked for Democratic presidential candidates, including Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden.

U.S. troops returning from Iraq are being re-allocated to occupy America, under the auspices of a Northcom program that will deploy 20,000 active duty troops inside the US; a plan of Janet Napolitano's.

Lets hope and pray the election comes in time, and retains the confidence of the majority of the population - before the polarization Obama has sown blossoms into a much more dangerous unrest.