Medicaide Breast Cancer Male Denied Treatment

A 26-year-old South Carolina tile-layer has breast cancer - tough: He is a man. While breast cancer affects 2,000 American males annually, Medicaid does not cover treatment of the disease in men.

The government provides free healthcare to indigents, and the poor?  Wait, why are we doing Obamacare then?  And why is there gender discrimination built-in?

Though getting breast-cancer is clearly life-threatening, especially if not treated quickly, being denied treatment due to gender is ludicrous of course.

Did you know that the IRS denies gays joined by civil unions joint status filing?  Wait, isn't the Obama administration the grand champion of throwing protective blankets over the "rights" of the downtrodden, the gays, and other fringe elements of US society?  What gives?

Turns out, its about power, not equality.  The Obama regime goes after masses of voters, they are not correcting societal ills, they are protecting their jobs.

The latest outrage is Obama passing National Security secrets to a Hollywood filmmaker cooking up a fiction on the Usama Bin Laden head shot.  The film would be released 30 days before the election in 2012 for maximum effect.  Like Clinton's Wag The Dog, now we are faced with Obama's Wag The Usama.