Texas Executed Mexican Killer Obama Fought To The End

US president (Obama) warns Texan authorities that execution of convicted killer Humberto Leal Garcia would put America in breach of international legal obligations - problem?  Texas has no treaties with Mexico, and the killer was not convicted in Federal court.

The White House has asked the US supreme court to put the execution of Humberto Leal Garcia on hold while Congress passes a law that would prevent the convicted rapist and murderer from being put to death.

Governor of Texas, Rick Perry has been pressured by federal judges, senior military officers, the United Nations and former president George W Bush to stay Garcia's execution because they believe American tourists will be threatened.

Garcia, 38, was convicted in 1994 of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in San Antonio, no one questions his conviction is solid but once again we have sovereignty haters like the left wingers trying to put foreign courts over US courts in regard to jurisdiction. And screw the family of the sixteen year old, after all they are only US citizens, and their feelings are secondary to what criminals in Mexico might do to tourists.

These sentiments stem from a 2004 decision from the International Court Of Justice (ICJ) that complained the US was trying and convicting Mexican nationals without a process they deemed appropriate.  In 2008 the US Supreme Court ruled that while the US government was obliged to comply with the ICJ ruling it did not have the power to force individual American states to do so.

In short, Gov. Perry can, and is telling everyone to back off - Texas has a perfect right, and even an obligation to execute Garcia.  Gov. Perry's office today has said Texas laws have been followed and that Garcia will be executed for "the most heinous of crimes" as scheduled.

This is a disturbing pattern coming from Obama over his continued effort to negate states in their struggle to defend themselves from illegals, their crimes against US citizens, and their drain on taxpayer resources

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