Obama Dumps Biden In 2012?

New York Post columnist Fred Dicker quoting prominent Democrat and Republicans speculating that the president would replace Biden with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the looming 2012 race.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate,” Republican William Powers told Dicker. “The president is in trouble and Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket.”

The report also said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has speculated that Biden would replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Cuomo has told friends he wants to run for president in 2016, this of course, sends a ripple of Biden's hair plugs, as he has also said out loud recently he wants to run for the White House in 2016.

Gotta love all these ambitious Democrats, and their grandiose plans.  

Cuomo was the goof that ran Clinton HUD, and pushed Subprime into Fannie Mae - leading to today's crashed econ and obliterated housing.  Biden of course, has been a clown from the second he was picked, gaffe-a-day Joe as he is not so affectionately known.

The Democrat train stops in 2012.  Obama will also be getting off - so Democrats, dream your little dreams of power, you are not going anywhere, any  of you.

Obama Says He Is Not Dumping Biden Today