Teacher Molestation Epidemic

Police arrested high school teacher Mario Humerez from Escondido, Calif., Friday, June 17th after a student reported that he had repeatedly molested her several years ago while in class.

The 19-year-old girl reported that she began a relationship with her 35-year-old teacher, Mario Humerez, while attending Valley High School in September 2007 when she was 16 years old, and it lasted for approximately 16 months

She said he molested her once in 2008 with his hand in a classroom while other students watched a movie. The second molestation took place in early 2009 and involved oral copulation.

Police arrested Humerez as he was on his way to meet with the victim.

The coarseness of the culture seems to be leading to an epidemic of adults, male or female, in positions of power, corrupting, rather than helping the young.  Is this the result of the liberal secular-humanism anything goes code of behaviour?  Or is it just an odd, random spike in defective people being hired as teachers, and politicians?

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