Farrakhan Love-Hate Obama Wrestling Match

Minister of Hate Louis Farrakhan seems upset with Obama over Libya.

Obama's illegal war in Libya brings strange bedfellows into conflict. Gaddafi has promised Farrakhan a $1 billion stipend (an alliance to hustle black Muslims in the USA for purposes unknown), a kind of Muslim brotherhood kiss on the lips.

Now Obama is trying to kill Gaddafi?  Gadzooks...

Recall, it was Farrakhan that uttered when Obama talks "the Messiah is absolutely speaking".  Today, Farrakhan says of Obama, "...that's a murderer in the White House".

Obama drops from Messiah, to Murderer, in the quick course of a few months.  Alas, rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.

Obama's problems do not end there, he is also in trouble with Moveon.org moving, Netroots (left wing bloggers), George Soros, and Hillary Clinton's cadre of female supporters - in short, large elements of his base.

Obama's reelection is in doubt: recall the swing state losses in the midterms, the wrong-sided 67-slip on Israel, and the loss of ACORN.  Obama and Carter already share a legacy of failure, will Obama get drubbed like Mondale at the hands of Reagan in 1984?

On a side note, the resemblance between Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen is eerie, either Gaddafi paid a visit to the US a few years back without the CIA knowing about it, or Charlie Sheen is not winning after all...