Russian Woman Dies At Her Own Funeral

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a 49 year-old woman from Kazan, Russia, collapsed in her home after suffering from chest pains. Upon examination doctors told her husband, 51 year-old Fagili, that she was dead. She had suffered a massive heart attack.

The family gathered for her funeral two days later, and, as grieving relatives filed past the open casket, the "dead" woman's eyes fluttered, and opened.

Hearing mourners praying for her soul to go to heaven, Fagilyu started screaming. "We immediately rushed her back to the hospital," says her husband, "but she only lived for another twelve minutes in intensive care before she died again, this time for good."       For good?  Really?

Fagili says he will sue, of course, blaming doctors for missing the diagnosis.  Questions abound, for one, do they not embalm in Russia?   How did Fagilyu manage to lay comatose for two entire days without food or water, or a bathroom break?  And finally, she did it once, why not again, is anyone watching her?  But then again, never-mind.